Why Rentvesting?

Why Rentvesting?

Have you heard the saying ‘rent money is dead money’? Or what about ‘the harder you work the more you will earn’? We have all grown up being taught to get into a good job, save up a deposit and buy a house – but these are the same lessons our parents were taught, and their parents were taught. Times are changing and so must the general view of property investment.

Who’s behind it?

The Rentvesting Podcast believes in challenging the status quo, we hate property spruikers and really want to get out there and help educate anyone looking to get into the property market.


Jayden Vecchio

Award Winning Finance Broker, Director at Red & Co.

Jayden started his career working for two of Australia’s largest banks, before quickly realising the banks were more interested in helping increase returns for their shareholders rather than helping their own customers! In the last few years Jayden has taken his Brisbane based mortgage brokerage from a start up to one of Australia’s Top Brokerages, Red & Co having won The Adviser Top 20 Elite Business Writer 2014 and 2015.

Jayden Vecchio Mortgage Broker

Louis Strange

Certified Financial Planner & Teacher

Louis is a Certified financial planner, passionate about educating clients on where to invest based upon their desired outcomes. Louis has been investing since the age of 16 which allows him to pass on valuable lessons on what works and what doesn’t when it comes to investing. He also teaches courses on personal finance to break through the fear most people have when it comes to investing.